I am Mr. Perfect, at least that’s what they call me. Not really meant as a compliment, but more so as a statement of my demeanor. I’m somewhat compulsive in my day to day life and hold myself to a high standard, where it suits me, and expect that those around me would welcome the feedback to help them be perfect too…not so. Hence the moniker, Mr Perfect Asshole. In that this is my own warped reality, I’ve shortened it to just “Perfect”

Since I’m writing this entirely on my iPhone please excuse the occasional miss-spelling, as the iPhone has a mind of it’s own, thinking it knows what I think.

Photos contained here in this blog are all taken by myself (unless otherwise credited) and are the property, however meager, of Mr. Perfect.  Please don’t take them with out crediting this blog.



3 Responses to About

  1. yikici says:

    Heya, I’ve just nominated you for an award, I do hope you accept it, if you prefer not to, please know I appreciate your creativity. Please pop by here to view/accept it: The Imagine Award

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