Catch me

Do you know when you hear a quiet noise, you stop holding your breath,. listening deeply – Maybe it’s just the refrigerator.

Lately, I’ve caught myself pausing holding my breath wondering what is it that I’m trying to hear. It’s not like there’s not a lot of stuff going on in my life right now there is, and it consumes me.

But sometimes I think it’s my life calling out to me, speaking ever so softly.

I’m getting ready to sell my house and the thought of what comes after scares me. Do I move downtown? Will everything be OK? Will it be a disaster? Will I be happy.

I remember back to the days as a child, with every new thing was exciting you. You could jump off a ledge hollering ‘catch me’ to your father without out fear that he would be there.  Long gone are those childhood days, long gone as my father. I miss him in times like this.

To just jump and know that I’ll be caught by the life that awaits, that would be nice.

© The autobiography of Mr. perfect, 2017, 2018

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