At least it’s not Paris…

Budapest, Hungary

Sitting here, looking across the Danube and my stomach is not the only thing that’s empty. My heart feels light, but not in a good way, I have this beautiful view, so romantic and all I can think is that I wish I weren’t alone. 

To be alone is a wonderful thing, the freedom alone is worth it, but sometimes late in the evening, when I’ve just watched a spectacular sunset and I lean over to share a thought of wonder only to realize that my lover is in my head. To have the freedom is a double edged sword that cuts as it loosens the bonds of obligation. 

I’ll be better tomorrow after a few drinks and some meaningless sex. I used to scoff at those who paid for it, but with freedom comes loneliness that can sometimes be fixed with a little cash and caution. Tonight is one of those nights. 

At least it’s not Paris…
© The autobiography of Mr. perfect, 2017.

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