Celestial Navigation 

I’ve been thinking about the stars. 

It helps that I’m sitting on the beach in south Florida, the white noise of the waves speaks and quietens my inner screaming. That annoying voice that says you’re found wanting, never good enough. The ocean just is, and that is accepting and a comfort. 

Back to the celestial bodies, not the tiny ones on the beach, but the ones on the celestial sphere. I marvel at the idea that knowledge passed down through the eons allowed the ancient cultures to travel by the stars. It wasn’t until recent time that an accurate clock could even work on a ship yet the Polynesian people were able to find there way without, just by watching the stars. 

Putting myself in that celestial perspective in instantly calmed by the certitude that humanity can look outward to see direction beyond the banal and stupidity of the present. I’m encouraged by the thought that it will always be so, the stars, even long after we are gone. 

Thinking about the stars. 

©The Autobiography of Mr. Perfect, 2016

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