Lonely at the bottom


When you sink low enough, you are at your loneliest, that’s when you need to talk, to find a reason to pick yourself up and and make your way back up to the shimmering surface where life goes on. 

But on your slow descent you burned through all your friends, used them one too many times to cry, to rage, to obsesses. Now when you need them, you find yourself in a place that is very alone. 

The only person left in your life to talk to is often the same person who is responsible for the slide, that person is in your head. That bonehead, is not very sympathetic, has no empathy, no remorse, no real way of listening.

It’s lonely at the bottom, only the worms to keep you company.  That’s when the storm cloud gather, waiting, violence on the edges of your mind, that’s when you need to find that other person deep inside, that you have too long ignored.

That person is only available through calmness and meditation, through control of the breath, take a deep breath, blow away the negative and accept that you are capable of change, then look up and kick.



©The Autobiography of Mr. Perfect, 2016 

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