Tbl 40 Pty 1

Staring at the check dropped off by a cute; but harried waitress, I couldn’t help but take that as a statement on my life.

I felt like a “party [of] 1”, or maybe even “pity [this] 1”.

I was on a vacation, and this weekend was to be a beach trip with a friend, but earlier I fucked that up.

I usually do, some often say, that whether intentionally or unconsciously, I do it on purpose, not ready to date, they declare. Who decides that?!?!

Whatever the motivation, I was a “party of one,” and it was not going to change anytime soon.

That same friend told me that she believed that since we are all made from fundamental particles; that at our core, we were just pure energy, and energy is forever, and the same everywhere in the universe. She meant that we were all connected by that power, and therefore, all the same.

In my smart ass way, I told that I agreed to a point, that I was energy, all she had to do was to light me like a candle, then as I burned the energy in my body would be converted to heat as I went up in smoke. That was not the right thing to say at that moment.

I think I’m unplugged from that bitstream of normal. On a different sub-network from her, otherwise she would have instantly; like paired particles, understood that I was joking, saving me from the following blow-up.

Thinking about her theory, that we are all connected at that subatomic particle level; I thought about what we actually look like at the subatomic level, how much space there was between subatomic particles.

What looks like solid material to normal sized you and me; at the subatomic level, is really like a collection of stars in the milky way. All space, not much substance.

That fact is demonstrated by the way that radio waves just pass through a building wall. In fact, when a relatively large particle like a neutron passes through your body there is a good possibility it will pass right through with out hitting anything at all. That space between us so just so large.

And while I was thinking all that, I realized that I had missed some essential part of the argument, because it was suddenly quiet, too quiet. Until later of course.

Oh well, just keep moving, maybe this particle will interact with another some day soon. However unlikely that may be.


©The Autobiography of Mr. Perfect, 2014

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