The Word Becomes


In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
—–John 1:1

I have always loved that verse from John,

So mysterious, so hard to wrap your head around,

until I started to write, to put my thoughts and soul into words,

then it became elegantly clear

In the beginning was the Word

and then the Word was God.

I love the words, mostly when I can collect them to form some meaning

and then the Word was God….

The spoken word.

words that become…

God became the Word.

There is so much power in that statement,

even agnostics believe in the word.

I’ve always wished to be able to convert my perception, transform my thoughts into words. Not just any words, but a sincere translation, complete in every sense. The thoughts become word, religiously, accurately, sincerely translated so that the reader feels what I did at that perfect moment in time. I believe that is the highest form of art.

There is divine in the word. The word can move nations. Sway peoples, the word is all powerful.

I long for creating the word. The word that lasts, the word that moves, words of meaning, truth on paper.

Words that become…


©The Autobiography of Mr. Perfect, 2013

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