I had a dream that I had robot teeth, big silver biting robot teeth it was so cool, dad, did you here me? Robot teeth!

Uh? Oh yes robot teeth

Did you just say robot teeth?

Looking up I looked across the table everyone was staring.

I was just thinking out loud, looking down at my phone I said, sorry

Sorry about what?

Looking up I saw the young teen looking with concern, did I get your order wrong? You said a plain hamburger no bun.

Oh yes I did thank you. I mean I’m sorry, it’s for my dog.

Mom why is that man talking to himself? Stay close son he’s just a smelly crazy bum.

Wandering off I watched my dirty bare feet shuffling through the leaves.

Looking up I could see the city ahead, a burned out derelict, a silhouette of bones against a blood red sky, backpack hanging heavy, my rifle on my shoulder, raising dust with every booted step, I moved across the burned out plain.

They were all gone, every one, why was I still here? I missed my life before.

Racing against the night I continued on, with night comes the nightmares, unable to sleep, I chased death.

Daydreams were all I had left.

Soon it will be winter and I can finally sleep.

©The Autobiography of Mr. Perfect, 2013

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1 Response to Daydreams

  1. night owl says:

    Good to see your muse (and your WP) is working again.

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