Half life. The time it takes for the activity level of a radio-nuclide to decay by half.

It is generally accepted that after 5 half-lives have passed the original activity is said to have decayed away. It no longer exists as a viable source of activity. It is dead.

Five a magic number. It’s the number of fingers on your hand making it the biggest number a toddler can imagine, until he discovers both hands and as a result, math. It’s the sum of two parents and three sons.

It was my life before, before.

When I lost my son, I felt that loss as a loss of my own life. Floating, I felt cut off from part of my future, half a life gone. I learned to cope, still not whole, but I coped. Mostly with pills and booze. But I coped.

When I lost my wife through neglect and deception. that’s one more half that I lost. Leaving me half a person.

A life lived as a couple results in one being, in concert, each living half of a combined life made one in the union, often resulting in one being, a child.

When one leaves, only a bitter half remains.

I’ve lost two half lives,

I guess that means that I have three left until I’m gone.

©The Autobiography of Mr. Perfect, 2013

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