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From the other side

After I pass from lucid to insanity, tipsy to drunk, sick to dead, I am on the other side. Mostly I come back, or should I say most of me comes back, but while I am there I see things. … Continue reading

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Fuzzy Edges

Life is sometimes best viewed from a distance. Fuzzy comes to mind, a lack of clarity. Fuzzy edges come from lots of vodka. Most of my writing that deals with the here and now, and is born out of fuzzy … Continue reading

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  The only sound is the crackle of ice melting in my glass, it sits by the bed on a little table, the glass frosted from the ice and frozen vodka. The night is restless, as am I, the trees … Continue reading

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Saturday Morning

Saturday mornings are a lost day, the week has passed, where I can barely acknowledge the passing thoughts that run through my head, but when saturday comes, I’m ill prepared. Sitting here, I can’t unlock them from my mind Should … Continue reading

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Sleep eludes

My legs twitch with the memory of running. The field of my dreams ahead, my feet mired in the mud of the mundane. Work, worry, house, finance. I can’t sleep, instead, I turn to vodka, pouring a big glass from … Continue reading

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Broken day

I fix things. As an engineer, I spend my days learning how things work, to first design and build, but if necessary to fix them. I have a fleet of zombie cars, I keep them running through skill and avarice. … Continue reading

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How to avoid an ass beating on the redneck riviera

The guy came out of no where, stepping between my line of sight and three cuties on the beach all preening and bending and holding my attention, so I never saw him coming A big hairy man wearing a camo … Continue reading

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