Burning bright

They say a light burns brightest before it goes dim. Dying.

People are like that too, I watched my dad melt away from cancer, but right before the end he burned bright with life, was lucid and talked to us all, seemingly better, then he died.

I think that we can be like that in our everyday lives. Life muddles along then it becomes frantic, we grasp onto false gods, money, fun, sex, then in a bright explosion it all falls apart.

If we are smart we learn and are reborn into the next life, shiny and new. If not, we learn nothing from our demise and are doomed to repeat it. Burning dim until the next shiny new thing that soothes our broken spirit comes creeping from the dark. Burning bright again in the certainty that the pleasures of this life are meaningful, brightest just before the inevitable fail.

Maybe this time we will learn…

©The Autobiography of Mr. Perfect, 2013, written entirely on my iPhone.


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