Artful Life

We build a life in our own way, crafting our lives from the materials we are given. Each piece, a good side and bad.

Some construct their life with the good side out. Perfect children, perfect marriage, perfect job, perfect house, perfect life.

Perfect life from the inside, is bitter, sharp and ugly, an artful lie. Living an artful lie is not easy but that’s the challenge you accept when you choose that path.

Some build a life by purposefully placing the good side facing inward, hoping to achieve a peace that comes from the beauty reflected inward, a beauty that only they can see. We see these people as flawed, ugly or tragic.

Life is never done until its over. Tragedy and circumstance give you boards with no good side. Those boards placed right evoke a deep emotional response, add character, make you imperfect, human and approachable.

The rare artful builder can see that the most beautiful life is constructed using rejected, imperfect, or one-off materials, intermixed with the beauty. the art is in the construction, placing their life given boards in such a way that it becomes art.

Careful construction, choosing the side to share and those to keep private, providing inner peace balanced with outer beauty. Recording a life well lived, equally beautiful from the inside out. A truly artful life.

I want to live an artful life.

©The Autobiography of Mr. Perfect, 2013, written entirely on my iPhone.

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