The trouble with beauty

Mr perfect doesn’t care for beauty queens…

Come to think of it he doesn’t care for models either…

I think that it has to do with trying too hard to be everything to everyone. Maybe deep down those girls didn’t get the attention they deserved from their daddies, maybe they got too much. I don’t know and I don’t care.

The thought that beauty makes one better is the main reason for my distaste. Sure beauty queens and models are beautiful, and yes I like look at them, but there is something hollow in that experience. They become objects and cease to be real. Maybe this is a problem with me. Wait, check that, I’m Mr Perfect, not possible

Mr Perfect has known a few beauty queens and models and in my experience it’s never enough. Once they have been declared a queen or model they need affirmation, continual affirmation. That is just so exhausting any somewhat annoying. Because no man not even Mr Perfect can be everything. And the thing Mr Perfect hates most, is to be reminded that even he is not perfect.

Take an average girl, the longer you look at her you start to see things you missed, little pieces of accidental beauty, and against the backdrop of average those pieces of beauty pop. That was the allure of the actress, Lauren Hutton, she was somewhat average, blonde angular, but that gap in her teeth was just the piece of accidental beauty that set her apart. Young Master Perfect could imagine a life with her.

Let’s take a cold analytical look at the concept of perfect beauty. The longer you look at someone the more you see. You notice a wrinkle or a mole. When a girl starts from the point of perfect certified beauty like a beauty queen or a model, chances are the more you see is just less beauty and in some cases ugliness.

It’s harsh and sad, but necessary since just like the scientific fact that nature hates a vacuum, society hates perfection. The natural order is a progression to perfection. Not the other way around. I think that on some level we don’t trust beauty since it’s a false form of perfection, we wonder what lurks beneath.

Okay that sounds harsh even coming from Mr P. Let me state that I don’t hate the beautiful girl, I hate the institution of beauty as a commodity to be bought and sold and bartered for the benefit of one over another. When you get right down to it, Beauty Queens and Models cease to become beautiful girls when they buy into the fact that their beauty is a commodity. Tragic is the poor girl who no longer controls the buying and selling of her god given beauty. Either because it is ceded over to an unscrupulous person or it disappears with time and misfortune.

I think that time heals all things, even models and beauty queens, as their beauty fades like a faded photograph and imperfections surface like daisies in a perfect lawn, they with luck and grace return to humanity, then Mr Perfect can once again find accidental beauty in an aging face or beauty in a tortured soul.

©2012, The Autobiography of Mr. Perfect. Written entirely on my iPhone.

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1 Response to The trouble with beauty

  1. pearlessence says:

    Nicely written, Mr. Perfect. I couldn’t agree more.

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