Mother was a formidable woman

My Mother was a formidable woman. People did not mess with her.

I don’t think she was very happy, even more so after my dad left.

I remember a time when she faced down George Wallace down in Montgomery. Leading a group of parents, who were probably more afraid of saying no to my mother than of George Wallace.

She demanded an audience with the Governor, when they decline to bow to her formidable will, she waited and cornered him on steps of the Capitol, giving him what for, because his staff said he wouldn’t meet with their group. The exact reason slips my mind, but I am pretty sure it was about our school board. The ultimate result was that every teacher and principal I ever had from that point on was terrified of her. I remember being suspended in high school and they quietly sent me home and never told my mom.

Later when I was in college at the Naval Academy I was again reminded of her reach when I was threatened with not being allowed to sit for graduation for breaking ranks to jump into the Annapolis harbor, she called the first person she thought of. Our district representative, Congressman Bill Nichols, who returned her call promptly. I suspect her reputation preceded her call. That a sitting US Congressman from Alabama and senior member of the House Ways and Means Committee, took the time to call the superintendent of the US Naval Academy on behalf of my mother who had driven 14 hours to see her son graduate in order secure me a pardon and get me out of hack was impressive. Most people i know have always been respectful and probably a little afraid of my mother. She was a formidable woman.

Can you blame my dad for leaving?

©2011, The Autobiography of Mr. Perfect. Written entirely on my iPhone.

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